How To Make Perfect Sesame Chicken Recipe

Sesame Chicken Recipe

Sesame chicken is a famous Chinese recipe that is perfect for lunch as well as dinner. Sesame chicken is a sweet, savory and crispy recipe with lots of sesame seeds. This sesame chicken is a quick, easy, flavorful and delicious recipe. You will add this recipe to your weekly menu and this recipe is a time saver as well as it is perfect for busy weeknights.

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What Is Sesame Chicken?

Sesame chicken recipe is Chinese cuisine in which chicken is marinated in soy sauce, cornflour, ginger garlic paste, black pepper powder, and egg and coated with corn flours and fried it and add it in the sauce.


Prep time
10 minutes
Cook time
20 minutes

Total time
35 minutes
6 servings

Ingredients Needed To Make Sesame Chicken Recipe
  • 3 Skinless and boneless chicken breasts (cut it into 1-inch size pieces).
  • 1 bowl cornstarch.
  • Sesame oil (as required) (for Frying).
Ingredients For Marinating
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste.
  • 1 ½ tablespoon soy sauce.
  • Salt (as required).
  • Black pepper powder (to taste).
  • 1 egg (egg white).
  • ½  tablespoon cornflour.
Ingredients to make a sauce
  • 2 ½ tablespoon tomato ketchup.
  • ½ tablespoon vinegar.
  • 1 ½ tablespoon honey.
  • 2 ½ tablespoon soy sauce.
  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar.
  • 1 small bowl cornflour slurry.
Ingredients for garnish
  • Chopped spring onions
  • Chopped red chilies.
  • Sesame seeds.

Step By Step Process To Make Sesame Chicken Recipe At Home

Instructions to make marinate chicken
For sesame chicken firstly marinate the chicken
  • Take chicken breast in one large bowl (cut it into 1-inch size pieces).
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste, 1 ½ tablespoon soy sauce, Salt (as required), Black pepper powder (to taste), 1 egg (egg white), ½ tablespoon cornflour mix everything well.
  • Let the chicken marinate for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  • Then remove marinade chicken from the refrigerator and take cornflour and shake the chicken pieces in cornflour.
  • heat some oil for deep frying Once the oil is hot then add marinade and corn flour-coated chicken pieces in oil and deep fry them till they are golden in color and
  • Cook for 2 to 3 minutes once they are cooked and golden in color take out from oil and keep aside.
Instructions to make a sauce
Now its time to make a sauce for chicken
  • Firstly take one bowl and add 2 ½ tablespoon tomato ketchup, 2 ½ tablespoon soy sauce, ½ tablespoon vinegar, 1 ½ tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons brown sugar mix is all the mixture well.
  • Then heat the pan add sauce mixture and add some water in it and cook it for 2 minutes then add cornflour slurry in the sauce and stir continuously and cook it for 5 to 6 minutes on medium flame.
  • Then add fried chicken in sauce and mix well.
  • Simmer the chicken in the sauce for 10 minutes.
  • Sesame chicken is ready to serve.
  • Garnish with chopped spring onions, chopped red chili, and sesame seeds and serve it.


Serving Suggestions
  • This flavorful and delicious Chinese meal serves with cooked rice, noodles, fried rice or chow mein.

Tips To Make Sesame Chicken Recipe At Home
  • If you want sesame chicken spicy then add 3 teaspoons sweet chili sauce to the recipe sauce before adding chicken.
  • You can add 2 teaspoon sesame oil in chicken marinade.

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